Some Parents Need a Manual

Parents today really need a manual to be able to properly bring up their children. Okay, I’m not going to generalize and say that all parents need some sort of guide. That would be simply stupid of me. I don’t like it when people generalize.

However, today’s children have a lot more to deal with than years ago. No, I’m not saying that they don’t have some part of responsibility. I am saying that with parents help, they should be able to not get into so much trouble… and that assumes that the parent knows what they’re doing.

I speak all of this thinking more about those children that are teenage and maybe even preteen up until maybe their mid-20s. Again, I won’t generalize and say that all teenagers have problems I mean major problems. That’s simply not the case. I would like to think that most teenagers are decent. I mean, I really do think that way. But some common with some sort of past that somehow has been tainted whether from circumstances or parents, etc.

Below you’ll see a video where Dr. Phil is interviewing the mother who has been in enabling their child. It’s just an excerpt so I don’t really know how old her daughter is. However, this mother is giving her money for drugs. The video doesn’t show whether or not Dr. Phil is able to help her. It just shows a brief part of the show.